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I don’t very often eat at a fancy steak house. You know the kind of place where steaks are $50 or more and all the side plates are ordered individually. I bit over the top for me, but I don’t mind indulging once in a while especially when I am the guest of someone.

In any case I happened to be invited along with a large group last week to a steak house in Denver – it was very nice and the company was fantastic. Prior to our first course and soon after our appetizers I heard this loud voice, a commotion, from my right and out of my view, from another table yelling at the top of his lungs – “does anyone know heimlick? We need help…” It was a frantic time to say the least. A diner was choking to death at a table next to us.

I watched as two people quickly got up to help. They were of no help, time was moving on and this man was choking to death.

Next I watched as my friend and dinner companion calmly but quickly got up from our table, grabbed a hold of the choking man and saved his life. He knew just what to do and how to do it. Within a few short seconds the man was breathing again.

My friend sat down.  It was as if nothing happened. He continued on with his conversation and his dinner. It wasn’t a big deal for him.

I asked him how he knew what to do. He said it just came to him. He remembered being taught how to do the Heimlick Maneuver and he didn’t think twice about helping out once he realized the other people first on the scene were not doing what was needed.

My friend is a hero, someone who when in a crisis situation rises to the top. I was and am so proud to know him and to call him my friend.

Preston Schmidt – well done.

As for me, I am going to learn the Heimlick Maneuver – a life could be saved, click here to find out how.

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