About Us

We define ourselves as ‘Setting the bar for higher standards with the pillars in our company.’ Exceptional Client Service, Strong Leadership, Industry leading per Agent income, Technology as a vibrant tool, and Community Involvement.

At RE/MAX Hallmark Realty Ltd. we have established a strong leadership team consisting of experience and highly respected Agents who work together to help each of our Agents build their careers and meet their personal and collective objectives.

The business of a Real Estate Agent has evolved. Today’s market requires an Agent who is more professional, diligent, knowledgeable and in touch with his or her client base. Building new business by design rather than choice form a major focus of our environment.


Building Your Business Is Our Business

We build your business by providing leadership and training in all aspects of our real estate industry. Our leadership team, staff and associates are dedicated to help you drive your career.


To Be Guardians Of The Real Estate Industry

We are extremely proud of our industry and take on the responsibility of helping to grow our industry in the heart and minds of our consumers. We expect and deliver professional service and care to everyone we are privileged to serve.


We Are Not Bystanders In Our Communities

We are engaged in making a difference in every way we can. Our agents and staff support various charities and initiatives, whether as close as your neighbourhood or across the globe.