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Am I being the way I want you to be?

I can remember when I first heard this expression or perhaps way of being. it was taught and demonstrated to me from a course I took in the early 90’s.

The course was called Pursuit of Excellence. Think adult development. I can frankly say taking this course changed my life, how i dealt with life and eventually helped mould me into who I am today.

Timing is everything. At the time I was trying to figure out a lot of things in my life, both personal and business. The course gave me a clearer understanding of how to deal with my emotions and the journey of life. I am not sure if they are still in business today, but the turning point which occurred in my life at that time has stayed with me all these many years.

Am I being the way I want you to be put the emphasis for change on me instead of waiting for others to become who or what I wanted them to be. I realized in order to create a better environment I needed to change myself first. If I wanted to be surrounded with loving people, I had to show more love. If I wanted to have loyal clients, I needed to be loyal to them. If I wanted my community to be more open, I needed to be more open first.

I became aware of the changes I needed to make a difference in all aspects of my life.

I no longer waited for others to get it, instead i made an effort to get it myself and to demonstrate.

In business it meant being the realtor or broker owner I wanted others to be. I thought if I did my very best, others would as well. I tried not to blame the herd but to indicate a better way of being.

If I wanted realtors to be better with their peers, I needed to first be better myself. If I thought our industry needed to raise the bar, first I had to raise the bar. It isn’t about perfection, but more of true accountability. Our industry will only get better if I get better at what i do.

In order to create a better whatever, I had to first start with me.

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